14 August 2012

Everything Is Fine Starting Now :: Installation in Denver

me + sandra unpacking our show

painting on the walls

I just returned from Denver, CO, where I was installing a 2-person show @ Groundswell Gallery with Sandra Fettingis.  We had an amazing time working together on this project, and so enjoyed getting to meet the lovely people at Groundswell & paint all over their walls!  And there are mountains in Colorado, which I am quite fond of.  grounding, centering, big beautiful mountains.

I painted 26 new original gouache paintings on wood and paper, which are all posted below.
If you're interested in purchasing or obtaining more information on any of the pieces, please feel free to email the gallery curators at :: 
or call:: 303.885.4473.  
The show runs until September 4.

Thank you for checking out my new work!  We had so much fun.

we even got a double rainbow at our opening.

thank you, beautiful colorado.
it was a total blast.


KatieGallagher said...

I'm so glad you have a show in Denver! Hopefully I can go see it this weekend. Do you have plans to make a 2013 calendar?

Laura said...

thanks so much, katie! Yes, please check it out if you can -- it's up until Sept 4. I'm hoping to get a calendar made for sure -- should be ready by mid-September or so.... :o)

rooth said...

Your show looks like it was so cool! I like how you all painted everything. Thanks for sharing pictures of the exhibit

KatieGallagher said...

It was very cool to see your work in person! My favorites are Closer to the Light, Daylight/Nightlight, Groundling, and Mountain dreaming.

iankaikkisuus said...

This looks really neat! I saw your link via ardi.

ashley rachelle said...

i really love all of your new work! you have such a cool, unique style!