29 October 2011

Fab.com sale!

my sale with Fab.com starts today!

I'm so happy & honored to be working with Fab.com this weekend!  This site is awesome ::  Ohhh so much stuff I want to have that I probably shouldn't buy because... because... um... but it's ON SALE!!!  ... amazing polar bear jewelry. .. furniture that I totally can't afford but definitely need... clothes! books! aaaahh!

Well, anyway, I have stuff here, on supa-sale, from today until Monday, October 29th.  Please sign up for the website (it's free) to check out their well-curated sales, and get inspired by all of the people out there in the world making cool things!  (woah dude)  And maybe swing by my page for a big ol' discount on some holiday gifts.  Be warned that this site is dangerous.  In a really good way.


J said...

Hey, I HAD to order one of your prints for my office, (the "Be Nice to Yourself" one is going to look great and spart awesome conversation with my clients!) I also totally love the, "You Are a Magical Unicorn Pony" print, but it's sold out on Fab. Would it be at all possible to order a print of that directly from you? As a psychologist, I have to say, that would REALLY be awesome in my office!

Laura said...

Hi J, Thanks so much for your support! Yes, the Magical Unicorn Pony print is available in my etsy shop :: www.laurageorge.etsy.com.
Thanks again!