04 December 2014


Holidays are for drinking enormous manhattans and caroling naked. Right, guys? Holiday cards are in my shop! www.lauraberger.com
Multi-packs available here:: http://www.lauraberger.com/notecard-sets/

28 November 2014

06 November 2014


I just did an epic shop update with a whole bunch of new prints, a big 16x20 poster-sized option, holiday cards, calendars, and original paintings

I am excited. 
I hope you will check it out for all of your holiday (and non-holiday) shopping  ^_^ 

07 October 2014

2015 Calendars Have Arrived

2015 Calendars are online!  
Honor Your Journey - 
Available here:: http://etsy.me/1s6suqT
& here:: http://bit.ly/1BNhNdZ

04 October 2014

New Work Is Now Online!

Thank you so much to all of the people who came out to my show last night and were so kind to me. How did I get so lucky to connect with you? I am very grateful for your vibes and support and warm hugs.

If you'd like to see my new work, it's now available for viewing online::

All inquiries can be made by phone at 773.769.2227, or by email at mail[at]hazelchicago.com

Hazel is a good place with good people in it, so if you can visit there, that is also a wonderful thing. My work will be up there through October 31.

Large Amounts Of Love. 

01 October 2014


A new painting for my exhibition that opens this Friday at Hazel Chicago.  
1902 W Montrose, 6-9 pm.  Showing through October 31st.  
Hope to see you!

Please email me if you'd like to see an exhibition catalog:: laurageorge04[at]gmail.com